Olive Pigs - a hungry Italian adventure 🇮🇹

Here is a picture of David’s bottom

Olive Pigs - a hungry Italian adventure 🇮🇹

Here’s a picture of David’s bottom.

Glorious isn’t it? The work of a true master. It took Michelangelo just over two years to complete it.

This is the only angle you can get if you want to sit down and soak in the masterpiece. The front of David is strictly reserved for influencers who enjoy pouting and sticking their own bottoms out as their sweaty boyfriends take hundreds of photos, hoping one will be ‘grammable’ enough to get their approval.

This is our final day in Italy. To witness David in all his naked glory feels appropriate. The nine rings of hell that was queuing system also feels appropriate. Afterwards, we stuffed our faces with arancini, salads and pizzas until we were both too sick to walk. That also feels appropriate, no?

Over the last three weeks, we have relished everything Italy has offered us. Most of you reading this have probably helped us enjoy the last few weeks - through your generous gifts, love and support. Thank you.

I hope these posts have at least provided some, albeit slightly deranged, glimpses into our holiday. It really has been the best trip we could have asked for.

So, thanks again to all of you reading this. And thanks to my wonderful wife for putting together 99.9% of the adventures we went on so I could wander about writing blogs about dicks and bums.

I’ll post a final brief update tomorrow with as many photos as I can.

All our love,

Jacob & Beck