Olive Pigs - a hungry Italian adventure 🇮🇹

Lessons learnt

Olive Pigs - a hungry Italian adventure 🇮🇹

Lesson 1. Remember to take a photo of your food BEFORE eating it.

Lesson 2. Remember to write this blog BEFORE a few glasses of Campari Spritz.

Rome is a beautiful capital city, putting ours to shame. The streets are vibrant and exciting, without a hint of “ah shit, are we gonna get stabbed?”. Beck found us a stunning apartment that’s over 5 centuries old and overlooking Roman rooftops as far as we can see.

Tonight we went to a trendy small plates restaurant (which is where the photo was taken). The place was bustling with only a single chef and waiter. They laughed, chatted and even enjoyed a few glasses of wine on shift - and yet the food was delicious and served swiftly. The Italians have smashed the work-life balance. We’ve got many more lessons to learn from then.

Tomorrow, we’re off the Pantheon. I promise my photos will get better.